Rules and Information for Trash In Cash In

  1. General:
    1. All recyclables must be rinsed at home.
    2. Bags must not contain any organic waste or non-recyclable materials.
    3. There is no limit to the number of plastic bags or boxes that can be brought in per participant per day.
    4. Participants are to hand in sorted recycling (paper, glass, cans, plastic and e-waste must be submitted in separate bags).
    5. Only e-waste that will fit through the holes in the provided bin will be accepted.
    6. No recycling that is placed next to the bin will be accepted.
  2. Marking of submissions:
    1. No unique marking is required on submitted recycling.
  3. What we will accept:
    1. Only materials listed on the ‘What can I recycle?’ page on the Trash in Cash in website. Participants who submit unlisted materials will be required to remove these materials from the premises.
    2. Cardboard does not have to be placed in plastic bags.
    3. E-waste that will be accepted includes home and kitchen appliances, printers, PC components (cases, floppy drives, power supplies, hard drives, UPS, motherboards), CRT/LCD monitors, PVC cables and plugs, and lead-acid batteries.
  4. What we will NOT accept:
    1. Hazardous waste, i.e. all batteries other than lead-acid batteries, fluorescent lamps, medical waste, fuel, pesticides, herbicides, paints.
    2. Should participants dump any hazardous waste at the collection area, they will not be allowed to participate in the campaign going forward.
    3. Any recycling that does not fit through the holes in the bin.